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MersenneTwister code

Trueflip - Random Number Generator Certificate
If you are a coder you can check the algorithm, published in the Open source.

How combinations are genarated

The standard MersenneTwister function from the JAVA library is used as a random number generator (RNG) that underlies the algorithm for generating combinations in Chain's Code. The input for this function is the SEED key and the end-to-end sequence of numbers (Number Sequence).

Why is MersenneTwister used?

Mersenne Twister's standard feature has proven itself to be an efficient and reliable random number generator and is recognized by international certifying organizations.
iTech Labs
Trusted and Eperienced Test Labfor Online Gaming Systems
NMi Gaming
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What is
Is a 19-digit random number and is a private key generated using the RSA cryptosystemSEED is hidden from the user under asterisks to protect against guessing the combination and opens immediately after a new key is generated.
What is
Number Sequence
A set of six numbers that reflect the sequence of calls to the Mersenne Twister function. For example, a new SEED was generated at 12:00 UTC:
  • Player 1 launched the game and was the first to do so under the new SEED. For it has been generated NS: 0,1,2,3,4,5.
  • After the game started Player 2, has been generated NS: 6,7,8,9,10,11.
  • The one who starts the game third, respectively, will use NS: 12,13,14,15,16,17.
And so on until the next SEED key is generated.
To determine the combination on the playing field to the Mersenne Twister function is carried out 6 hits with the corresponding Number Sequence and SEED. The result of these calls is the final combination of digits.

Where do I find SEED, Number Sequence, and how do I check my game?

Any user can find the SEED and Number Sequence values used to generate combinations of HIS games in the table with the history of his bets. There is also available a tool to check the results of the game.
Go to Buy tickets and open My bets tab. Here is the story all your bets divided on the section number SEED.
To check the results of the game, click on button - system will automatically substitute SEED values and NS into the check form fields.
To emulate the function Mersenne Twister will only have to press on the Run button and make sure the honesty the results of your game.
Thanks to the use Of the MersenneTwister standard function for checking the results of its operation, and accordingly the results of your game, you can use any third-party services using the following inputs: SEED, Number Sequence and NextLong(8) (method inside the MersenneTwister function) Using the Mersenne Twister standard function to check the results of its operation, and accordingly the results of your game you can use any third-party services, using the following inputs are: SEED, Number Sequence and nextLong(8) (method inside the Mersenne Twister function).
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