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Chain's Code is an instant numerical game based on the Etherium blockchain network, where a player needs to collect a winning combination of digits. The better the combo, the more is the jackpot.
The combination forms in less than a minute, but it also depends on the blocks mining time within the Etherium network. You can keep an eye on the blocks mining here:

Chain's Code
Chain's Code

Сollect winning combinations

The UI includes a sector for a winning combination, buttons "Play" and "Select" for multiplier selection (the multiplier is set at x1 by default).
When a player presses the "Play" button, the bet amount is taken from their account, and a sequence combination begins to form. After the combination has been determined, the system creates a leaderboard. The prize money is transferred to players' accounts following the game results.


Make a bet

The game mechanics are similar to the ones used in slot machines. The players are invited to place a bet on a sequence of digits based on the Etherium blockchain network. A player wins if the generated sequence has a combination set in the table below.

Chain's Code
Chain's Code

Choose a multiplier

To increase their prize the player can add a multiplier to their bet between x1 and x5, but this will affect the ticket price: its price will the basic price multiplied by the selected multiplier (Example). However, the player gets an opportunity to increase their winnings proportionally as the total prize money equals the basic prize multiplied by the selected multiplier as set in the table below (link required).

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