Game rules

Chain's Code is an instant number game where the combination is determined by the certified MersenneTwister random number generator (RNG) using blockchain solutions to verify game fairness. The goal is to collect a combination of similar numbers. The more similar numbers in the combination, the greater the winning. The detailed information on the prize categories can be found in paragraph 10.

  1. Chain's Code consists of spins, going one after the other, during which a player places a bet, and the RNG shows the combination of numbers for the given spin. The player determines the number of spins independently.
  2. Player can use the multiplier to increase or decrease the bet before each spin. By default, the bet equals to 0.0001 BTC.
  3. Chain's Code currency is bitcoin. For your convenience, you can choose any other form of currency available, however, all transactions are processed in BTC.
  4. The multiplier chosen by the player before the game start will be applied to the winning category, according to the scored combination. If the combination doesn’t win, the bet is lost.
  5. The game starts only after the player presses the "Play" button and ends when all six numbers of the combination appear on the game board.
  6. After the Play button has been pressed the player cannot change the multiplier or the bet.
  7. If for some reason RNG fails to create the combination and the game doesn’t finish, the account of the player will be fully refunded and this spin will be voided.
  8. The winning category is determined by the combination displayed by RNG after the spin is done. The winning combination is highlighted and the chosen multiplier is applied to the game.
  9. Player can check the fairness of the game results on Check transparency page. Follow the instructions to fill in the required parameters available in My bets / Archive section.
  10. Prize categories are shown in the table below:
Combinations Выигрыш
All sevens 0.02500 BTC
Six similar digits except sevens 0.00100 BTC
Five similar digits 0.00030 BTC
A pair of three similar digits 0.00020 BTC
A pair and four similar digits 0.00010 BTC
Four similar digits 0.00005 BTC
Three pairs of similar digits 0.00005 BTC
A pair and three similar digits 0.00003 BTC
Three similar digits 0.00001 BTC
Two pairs of similar digits 0.00001 BTC
A pair of similar digits 0.00000 BTC

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